What is nonresistance?

This website is dedicated to the truth of the gospel -
that the way of life taught by Jesus Christ is one of
nonresistance, nonviolence, and peace.

When Christians seek to justify their violent actions,
they pervert the gospel and vainly attempt to recast
Jesus in their own image.

When Christians put patriotism above the gospel,
it is heresy and idolatry.

In order to promote nonresistance, we are collecting
and posting literature that teaches this essential,
misunderstood, and ignored element of the gospel.

Just click on the blue menu bar to get to the literature
that is now available.  We continue to add new
material, so check back once in a while.

Last update January 22, 2024

We have transcribed and posted the
complete works of Leo Tolstoy on nonviolence.
Check out our Tolstoy page!

(Main Page - March 16, 2017)

Essay: On Soldiers, Police, and Jailers

(Main Page - May 23, 2015)

Essay: How Many?

(1850-1900 - October 16, 2011)

The Daily Calendar of Peace and War
by John Hemmenway

(Main Page - July 30, 2011)

Essay: Greater Love

(1850-1900 - July 30, 2011)

The Early Christians' Estimate of War and Self-Defense
by Josiah W. Leeds

(Tolstoy - July 30, 2011 - Audio book links added)

(Tolstoy - January 3, 2011)

Capital Punishment and Christianity,
Thou Shalt Kill No One, Love One Another

From the previous Webmaster

Sermon: Christianity, Violence, and War

A look at the four basic Christian positions on violence and war and their scriptural basis.

What is nonresistance?

A brief explanation of the principle of nonresistance.

Essay: Why nonresistance.info?

How I got from there to here.

Essay: But I tell you ...

Thoughts on the Sermon on the Mount.

Essay: Court Testimony

My days on jury duty in municipal court.

Essay: Greater Love

A difficult Bible verse is explained.

Essay: How Many?

Questions for Memorial Day.

Essay: On Soldiers, Police, and Jailers

Someone wrote to me asking what would I say about a Christian police officer who needs to uphold the law and
what I make of the Philippian jailer. This was my answer. I'm disappointed that I never heard back from the fellow.


Gandhi is widely quoted as saying, "The only people on Earth who do not see Christ and His teachings as nonviolent are Christians." We are looking for a primary reference for this quote.


We are looking for English translations of the writings of Petr Chelcicky, a Czech reformer of the early 15th century who was, arguably, the father of modern nonresistance teaching.  His given name also appears as Peter or Petrus and there are several variations of his surname, including Chelciki, Chelciky, Chelčicky, Chelčick´┐Ż, Chelchitzki, Cheltschitzky, of Chelcic, and Helchitsky.


We are looking for information about Oberlin College alumni and the history of Oberlin Ohio as it relates to the promotion of peace, nonviolence, and social justice.  We are particularly interested in the Oberlin Non-Resistance Society.


We are looking for suggestions of additional material to post here, actual documents, and anything else you can think of to promote nonresistance and improve this website.  In particular, if you have material that is in the public domain, or hold the copyright to material that you are willing to post here, we want to hear from you!